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SEL Books/ Meditation Hour/ Affirmation Mirrors 


Program Description:

Mindfulness moment opportunities provided through social emotional learning books, meditation hours, and affirmation mirrors. A safe space and allotted time for students to learn about SEL skills and techniques. Students will be allowed to practice those skills and be provided with resources to help them apply them in everyday life. 


Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation:

Mindfulness moments for children helps kids gain self-awareness and become more confident. The confidence develops naturally when kids learn from their meditation practice that they don’t have to react to all of their thoughts and emotions – they can choose which ones merit their attention and response. Books with SEL themes allow children to learn how to analyze situations they face in their own lives and come up with solutions through characters and plot.


Affirmations when spoken or chanted to ourselves have the power to change the way we think and act in our lives in a positive way, they can change our emotions, alter our behaviors, boost self esteem and overall positive thinking. With mindfulness moments to increase self-awareness, children can show their personalities, share their values and interests, communicate more clearly and ultimately gain confidence in who they are. Confident kids are better equipped to deal with unfamiliar situations. Thanks to this adaptability, they become better problem solvers and develop a deeper appreciation of life.

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