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Travis & Brittany Perry

Chairperson - Brittany Perry
Vice Chairperson - Travis Perry

The Chairperson is responsible for governing large teams of people, running board meetings, appointing committees, and performing other duties as directed by the bylaws.

The Vice Chairperson works collaboratively with members of the board and fulfills other leadership roles.

Nakeshia Walker

Board Secretary

The Board Secretary oversees the distribution of information, prepares official minutes of the meeting and records motions, discussions, votes, and decisions, assures that documents are accessible to members, and schedules and notifies board members of upcoming meetings.


Rashad Shipman

Non-Profit Treasurer

The Treasurer, reconciles bank accounts and produces financial statements, ensures tax-related documents and legal forms are filed on time, serves as chair of the finance committee and financial officer of the organization, manages, with the finance committee, the board’s review of and action on its financial responsibilities, and assists in preparing the annual budget and presenting it to the board for approval.

Serving Food

Johnnie Mobley Jr.

Providing support for organization events and mission directives.

Jameson T Meadows

Providing support for organization events and mission directives.

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